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Construction Maps

Faster Maps,
Smarter Projects

Looking For A Simpler Mapping Solution?

ConstructionMaps is a simple, collaborative, and accessible way to share spatial information, comment on projects and access a library of icons!

Simple To Use

Our maps are designed with simplicity in mind, so you won’t need any special training or technical expertise to use them. They are user-friendly and intuative so you can focus on the plan.


With the ability to be shared, these maps allow all required parties to see the map when they need it. You just need the link and a device connected  to internet. 

Cost Effective

Access to ConstructionMaps is affordable and can help you save money on project expenses,  as they eliminate the need for costly external programmers or consultants, You can even edit them yourself, or get your team to draw them for you. 

Internationally Recognisable

While languages are different globally, often symbols mean similar things globally. ConstructionMaps intelligent symbols allow users to understand maps regardless of language.  

Environmental, Social, Corporate Governance (ESG)